How to host a grown-up tea party in my Gainesville apartment?

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When temperatures start dropping and the weather gets chillier, it's always great to sit back and relax with a warm, fulfilling cup of tea to battle the cold. Not to mention, hosting teatime or a small tea party is a unique, fulfilling experience that most people will enjoy. Not only is a tea party low maintenance, but it also allows you a pocket of time out of the day to reconnect with your roommates or friends in apartments in Gainesville.

Tea parties are normally an English tradition, but that doesn't mean you can't implement them occasionally into your early afternoon routine. Traditionally, tea parties are social events where multiple people come together and discuss politics, social topics, and business. Served at these meetings are small cakes, finger sandwiches, and biscuits along with multiple kinds of tea.

With the right people, materials, and a place to host your tea party, you will have a great time sipping on a steaming hot cup of tea and eating desserts with the people you adore most.

Gather the Appropriate Dishes and Silverware

One of the things tea parties are well known for is the beautiful teacups and fine China that guests use to eat and drink tea with. Unless you already have fine China in your new Gainesville apartment, it might not be within your budget to splurge on a set of expensive teacups, glass plates, and a teapot. There are however more affordable options for silverware and teacups online. You could also try finding a used set at vintage stores and garage sales in the local area.

There's nothing wrong with using the glasses or plastic cups that you already have but getting a more traditional teacup set may make it easier to keep your tea hot and can aid in making your tea party experience more authentic. If you get an expensive glass tea set, it's best to check if they are safe to put in your dishwasher in Gainesville apartments or if they require a hand wash. This will help them stay in great condition and last many years and tea parties to come.

Decide Who Should Attend Your Gainesville Apartment Tea Party

Tea parties are no fun when the people you invite aren't invested in making it a great experience for everyone involved. Since you are taking the time to host and put together a social event, it's only fair that everyone complies with the social rules attached to it. For example, tea parties are relaxing, not rowdy and everyone should be respectful, not rude. Getting an apartment with roommate-matching available can help you connect with people who would best accompany you during a tea party at your shared apartment in Gainesville.

Purchase Quality Tea and Food to Store in Your Apartment in Gainesville

Some of the best parts of throwing a tea party are the food and drinks for all the guests and the host. Small desserts, chocolates, cheeses, fruits, small sandwiches, and hors d'oeuvres are all on the table when it comes to options for food. You can either make the food from scratch or purchase them in grocery stores and bakeries.

Also, it wouldn't be a tea party without good quality white, green, or black tea. Whatever you are into, don't forget the sugar and cream!

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