Where Can I Park in Midtown?

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College Park Midtown
Apartments like College Park are close enough to Midtown that you can walk and be there in minutes!

If you work in any of the restaurants, bars, or stores near Midtown, you'll know that parking can be a hassle. If you're a student and have a UF parking pass, you could park on campus and walk over to Midtown. Wouldn't it be much nicer to park close to work, though? Parking is definitely limited in this area, but you have options.

Parking in Midtown Gainesville

Parking on the Street and in Parking Lots

If you work on nights and weekends, you'll be able to park anywhere you see a spot (provided there isn't a sign urging you not to). Parking restrictions are typically reinforced between 8am and 4pm (6pm for street side parking, usually). Any time after that, you should be able to park where you please without running the risk of getting a ticket or towed.

You can also park in the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium parking lot after 4pm during the week, no parking decal required. There are plenty of spaces, and you'll be right across the street from Midtown. Parking in this lot is pretty relaxed during the weekend, and you can park there any time.

You can sometimes find spaces north of Northwest 8th Avenue, but it's a bit of hike to Midtown.You can sometimes find spaces north of
Northwest 8th Avenue, but it's a bit of hike to Midtown.

Parking in a Parking Garage

Can't find a space? Robert's Stadium Club is a block away from Midtown's attractions, and you can park in the garage day and night. It's not free, but if you're out of options, it's convenient and the fares are reasonable.

There are more parking garages along University Avenue, but they're much further away from Midtown.

Parking near Downtown and Taking the Bus

More parking is available as you move toward Downtown Gainesville. If you head East along University Avenue, past the University of Florida campus, you'll find plenty of on-street parking. Most of these spaces are free, but double-check that there aren't any restrictions. Metered parking is also an option, and is common the closer you get to the intersection of Main Street and University Avenue. The good news is that RTS route 5 runs along University Avenue and makes stops in and near Midtown.

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