Get to know…Sorority Row & South


Sorority Row & South Gainesville starts with Sorority Row and extends east until Downtown. It continues along the southeast corner of campus, encompassing the area south of Shands along 13th Street all the way past Waldo Road. Some areas are not as densely populated or commercialized, but it is an up-and-coming area that is close to multiple hot-spots.


Although Sorority Row and South Gainesville is not as highly developed as some areas of town, this area provides easy access to Downtown, Midtown and Archer Road where you'll find tons of stores and restaurants. It also includes some nice houses, condos, apartments and nature destinations.

Many who live in this area enjoy the location for, depending where they live, the close proximity to UF's sorority houses and the University of Florida campus, UF Health Hospital or the quiet natural surroundings of Paynes Prairie to the far south.

Since the area is not as crowded as other areas with rental apartments, residents enjoy less traffic than other parts of Gainesville. The speed limit along US 441 (SW 13th Street) is faster than most other areas of town, and the road provides easy access to the Micanopy I-75 on/off ramps, which do not back up with traffic like the Williston, Archer Road, and Newberry ramps. There is a push towards redevelopment, so you can expect lots of new businesses in the next couple of years.

Pictures of Sorority Row at the University of Florida

Things to Consider

Some sections of this town are less developed and more remote, so although they are close geographically to many more populated regions, there isn't the hustle and bustle of other neighboring zones. And although some apartments in this region directly border UF, others require a bike, bus or car ride.

How to Get to School

Getting to school in this region usually can involve either a walk across 13th Street, or a short ride on 13th Street. Buses that service this area are the 43, 13, 17, 16, and in some places, the 29.


Popular destinations in and around this region include the Gainesville Rock Gym and the Acrosstown Repertory Theater on Main Street. The beauty of Paynes Prairie is just down SW 13th. There a number of turns-offs on and around 13th Street that provide beautiful vistas of North Florida's natural flora and fauna, as well as walking and biking trails, like the Bivens Arm Nature Park Trail. UF's historic Lake Wauburg is also in this region, which offers students all sorts of fun activities in and around the lake.


There are a handful of good stores and restaurants in this area. Your best bet is to head Downtown or jet down Archer Rd. Gator Domino's services this area from its original Gainesville location on SW 13th St.

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