Gainesville Staples

Gator Domino's

Since 1970, Gator Domino's has been delivering Gainesville's best pizza to hungry residents, students, and visitors. Gator Domino's has been recognized as the premier pizza choice in Gainesville and has won numerous awards for its commitment to excellence and support of the Gainesville community.

Smokin Notes

When you start a new semester, the first thing you should do is check which one of your classes is covered at Smokin Notes. Smokin Notes, a company which offers study guides for some of UF's most popular and toughest classes (i.e. ECO 2013 and MAN4504), can be your strongest tool in getting an A in your class. Each study-guide packet comes with detailed class notes, chapter reviews, flash cards, practice exams and online supplements. The packets range from $16 to $20, depending on the course, and become available six days before your exam is scheduled. Pairing the study guide with regular class attendance will virtually guarantee you an A on your exam. Check out their website for more information on the UF note packs that they publish.

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