Where are the best food deals in Gainesville?

If you are looking for affordable apartments in Gainesville, you may also have an interest in where the best food deals are. There are plenty of restaurants that offer great prices on certain days of the week that university students and residents take advantage of. Let's review some of more popular deals so that you can start saving as soon as possible.

Located at 1017 W University Ave is Mother's Pub and Grille which has some excellent food deals on both Monday and Wednesday. If you live in one of the Gainesville apartments across the street or are willing to walk a little from either downtown or midtown, you would be missing out not to pay this place a visit.

On Monday you can buy wings for forty cents apiece, as well as 50 cent tacos. They also sell 16 oz. Pabst Blue Ribbon for a dollar if you are of age. Make sure to get a table early, as this place can get quite crowded, especially during football season. As for Wednesday, the pub sells burgers for only three dollars, which is quite a steal. Make sure to check out both of these deals and enjoy going out without breaking the bank.

Another restaurant you may want to look into for a great deal on food is Tijuana Flats. Many of the University of Florida students go to the midtown location at 1720 W University Ave. This place is famous for Taco Tuesday, a deal which allows you to get two tacos, chips, salsa, and a drink for only five dollars. This is a weekly ritual for many Gainesville residents and should definitely be taken advantage of, especially if you are living in one of the houses or Gainesville apartments behind midtown.

Copper Monkey is also a great restaurant with an awesome food deal. Located in midtown at 1702 W. University Ave, Copper Monkey offers three dollar burgers on Monday. While it is a relatively new location, Copper Monkey has been around Gainesville for a while, becoming a favorite amongst students and residents alike. Many residents claim that the restaurant has the best burger in Gainesville, so having a three dollar deal is something that you do not want to miss out on.

One final restaurant we should take a look at is Bento Café. Bento has several Gainesville locations, the most popular being 3832 West Newberry Road. While you will probably have to drive or take a bus from most Gainesville apartments to get here, they have a great deal available to customers on Sunday. With any Bento Box purchase, you will be able to get a free soda or miso soup. A lot of people crowd into Bento on Sunday, so make sure to get there early to avoid the lines.

There are many great food deals available in Gainesville; the ones I have gone over are just some of the more popular and well known. Based on which of the apartments in Gainesville you choose to live in, find out what is close to you and see if any restaurants have a great deal you can take advantage of on a weekly basis. You never know what you may find by doing a little digging.

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