I'm tired of studying in my Gainesville apartment - what are the best places off campus to study around UF?

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Gather in gorgeous study spaces close to home at one of the newest communities near The University of Florida Campus, Sweetwater!

Top 10 Places to Study Off-Campus at The University of Florida

Calling all flash card flippers, avid note takers and last-minute crammers! Prepping for a major exam or presentation can be tricky, because no one method works for everyone. Do you prefer a little background noise when studying, or do you need absolute silence? Is it easier for you to focus in the quiet confines of the library, poolside with a refreshing drink, or in a bustling coffee shop? Luckily for you, there are several great eateries, parks and hangouts near the University of Florida that'll make finding your sweet spot a breeze.

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  1. Wyatt's Coffee:If you thrive in a lively study environment, hitting the books at Wyatt's Coffee might be perfect for you. Transport yourself with bright white walls and plenty of greenery that will keep you fueled for those long hours. Wyatt's also offers all of your favorite drinks and snacks to keep you nourished - from energizing nitro honey drinks to fruity tarts.
  2. Kung Fu Tea: At Kung Fu Tea you are encouraged to become a Kung Fu master in your craft, career or hobby – the perfect place to focus and take in all you're learning. Get started with a little liquid courage, meaning a classic or milk tea, a slush, punch, yogurt, milk, or espresso. You'll leave with a full belly and an even fuller mind.

  3. Lake Wauburg: No one ever said studying had to be done inside! Head to Lake Wauburg to soak up some Vitamin D while you're getting your study on. If you feel like taking a break you can take part in one of several activities, including swimming, disc golf, biking and paddle boarding. Admission and activities are free for students (and up to four guests) with a valid Gator1 ID card.

    "If I really need to get out I will go out to Lake Wauburg. I like background noise and a few people around it keeps me from falling asleep."- Mike, UF Radiology Resident

  4. Maude's Café: A coffee house by day and a bar by night, Maude's Café is the place to be if you're looking for a break from the ‘typical' study spot. By the sun, the Café offers a wide-variety of dining options from breakfast to dinner, along with delicious baked goods and intoxicating coffee. By the moon, Maude's Side Car Bar takes over with events like Downtown Drag and burlesque, live music and trivia. coffee shop    
  5. Volta: A well-known student favorite, Volta offers high-quality coffees, teas, chocolates and baked goods to really get your blood pumping. Stop by Volta for that energy boost you've been craving or for a relaxing spot to go heads down on some work.

    "Volta Coffee downtown has such a chill, friendly vibe. Great place to enjoy downtown while getting work done!" - Chase, UF Adwerks Copywriter
  6. Apartment Community Pool: Grab yourself a float or a comfortable lounge chair and study in style – poolside! Often overlooked are the resort-style amenities right in your own backyard. If it's too cool for the pool, pull a chair out on your private patio or head to the clubhouse.
  7. Curia on the Drag: At Curia on the Drag, it's hard to choose what's better – the food or the ambiance. Hint: Both are to die for! Enjoy plant-based foods with a large lounge area perfect for an intimate study session or a larger group gathering.

    "I really like Curia on the Drag… especially at night. It's a great relaxing atmosphere. They have all the lights up and it's cool. I'm a sucker for that stuff." - John, UF Advertising Senior

    coffee shop
  8. Coffee Culture: Bask in the sweet-smelling aroma of ground coffee, and you'll almost forget you're even studying. Coffee Culture offers a wide-variety of handcrafted coffee-based beverages and a mouth-watering selection of both regular, gluten-free and vegan baked goods. If you enjoy switching up your regular coffee order while studying, Coffee Culture frequently posts their baristas' favorite orders... perfect for adventurous scholars!
  9. Karma Cream: Within walking distance to Plaza of the Americas, Karma Cream offers a bustling and bright environment perfect for those who thrive on the feeling of surrounding productive energy. Enjoy delicious vegan pastries, ice cream, or your favorite latte while you hit the books. If you find yourself getting hungry, you'll love one of the stacked deli-style sandwiches, available until 3pm. 
  10. Millhopper Library on 43rd: If quiet is what you seek, head to Millhopper Library on 43rd. Here, you'll have access to a variety of educational materials and computers for research and studying. If you're having a hard time focusing, try sitting next to a few other worker bees – it may help you keep yourself accountable. 
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