I own an electric car. Where is the best place that I can charge my car in Gainesville?

Being green and environmentally conscious is very important in this day in age and there are so many small easy changes you can make to contribute! Whether you recycle your plastic, ride your bike to work and school, or use LED lights in your apartment, all these options help save you money and the environment. Some apartment communities in Gainesville even encourage residents to be green and help them minimize their carbon footprint.

In recent years just as the city has grown, Gainesville has drastically expanded and improved its charging station accessibility for electric cars. There were once only a few places for people to access power for their vehicles and now there are over 80 Public charging ports throughout the city. The best part is that majority of these stations are free to use! Here is a list of some of the most popular charging stations locations in Gainesville:

  • Celebration Pointe Parking Garage
  • University of Florida Welcome Center
  • Target on Archer Road
  • Whole Foods Market on Archer Road
  • Downtown Parking Garage
  • Archer Road Super Charger (Tesla)
  • RTS Administration Building
  • BMW Gainesville

It is now easier than ever to own an electric car in Gainesville with all of the easy places to access a charging station nearby any neighborhood. For a map or more details on finding car charging stations in Gainesville, use ChargeHub.com and PlugShare.com. And if you're looking to go greener with your apartment and lifestyle, Swamp Rentals can help you find the best Gainesville apartment for your lifestyle.

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