I own an electric car. Is there a place where I can charge my car in Gainesville?

Being green and economically self-conscious is really important in this day in age. There's so many ways to go green too. Whether you recycle or you ride your bike to work or school, or you use LED lights in your apartment, all these options help save you money and the environment. Even some apartments in Gainesville encourage being green and helping you minimize your carbon footprint.

If you own an electric car, then you know it means having to charge it back up every once in a while. Gainesville isn't your typical city – it's much smaller than Orlando and Tampa – but it doesn't shy away from efforts to help its community be greener. The University of Florida encourages recycling all over campus and Alachua County has an award winning waste vegetable oil recycling service that helps create biofuel for county fleet vehicles.

All these opportunities to go green and we haven't even answered the main question—there are electric car charging stations in Gainesville! You can find your car charging stations in three different places in Gainesville:

  • The Reitz Union Parking Garage, on UF's campus
  • At Magnolia Park Square, on NW 39th Place and NW 48 Terrace
  • Gainesville Nissan on N. Main St.

For a map or more details on finding car charging stations in Gainesville, use CarStations.com. And if you're looking to go greener where you're living, SwampRentals.com can help lead you in the right direction.

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