I am going back up to college for the Fall. Are there any essentials I need in Gainesville apartments for the new semester?

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The Row is a pet-friendly apartment complex, meaning if you bring your furry friend, you'll need to stock up on cleaning essentials like carpet cleaner along with you.

Whether you are in between semesters or are just going to college for the first time, there are many things you might purchase along the way for your apartment in Gainesville. If you are not sure what you'll need, let this be a guide for you before you make the trip to college in the Fall. It's better to think about what you'll need now when it's available in stores and not sold out right before school starts. If you accumulate items over time, you are sure to get everything you want and need, with plenty of options to choose from.

You'll need to buy a decent number of things for college, but the ones I'll be focusing on today are things you might not think about until it's too late or they are sold out in stores at the time you might realize you need them. The items below are for miscellaneous occasions that require extra purchases to improve quality of life and convenience when something happens, but they are not necessary to still have a great experience living in Gainesville apartments.

Manage the Temperature in Your Apartment in Gainesville

One of the most uncomfortable feelings is being unprepared for temperature changes. If it gets too hot or too cold in your apartment, chances are the solution is to crank up or turn down the thermostat. If you live in a 3-bedroom apartment with other roommates, this will be more difficult to do because every person has different temperature preferences. To cater to everyone's needs it's best to buy things for your room and not disrupt the temperature of the whole apartment.

If it's too hot, investing in a battery-powered or plug-in fan could make the temperature more bearable. If it's too cold, buying a small personal heater could help keep you warm without needing to pay to heat up the entire apartment. Another thing people come across is the air being too dry inside. If you want more moisture in your room, purchasing a diffuser will help your skin and hair feel stronger and less prone to breakage.

Battle the Weather Outside of Gainesville Apartments

Weather can be unpredictable in Florida, so it's always best to stay prepared for whatever happens. It rains all year round, so having protective water gear for your Gainesville apartment is essential. Important protective wear could include a windbreak for both windy and rainy days and a raincoat and rain boots. Another thing you can get is multiple small umbrellas. I say multiple because you will want one for your car, your apartment, and maybe even one to take to work or school.

If buying all these things is too expensive, getting an apartment with a patio or balcony could help you cool off during the Fall by leaving the door open to let in cool air every day.

Keep Your Apartment in Gainesville Clean

Keeping a clean apartment will help anyone feel more at home. Plus, living in a dirty space is bad for your hygiene and health. Purchasing a nice vacuum to clean up dirt and muck is key. You might also want to look into getting a wet mop and bucket and some quality cleaners that are safe if you live in a pet-friendly apartment. In this way, keeping your space clean will make life a lot easier for everyone involved!

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