Did Social 28 Give Away the Free Apartment for a Year?

It's tough managing your student budget. The cost per credit hour at UF is $150. With an average course load of 12 credit hours per semester, that's $1,800 in tuition per semester! The average, by-the-bedroom rent in a four bedroom apartment on Swamp Rentals costs $490/month. Let's not forget textbooks, fees, and basic living expenses!

That's why Swamp Rentals partnered with Social 28 and Gator Domino's to make one student's life a little easier. In March, we invited renters to enter online to win an entire year rent-free at Social 28 apartments.

Social 28 is in all-new Gainesville community looking to raise the standard for those who looking to get the most out of their living and college experience. Steps away from the University of Florida, Social 28 combines luxurious off campus apartments with the social benefits of on-campus living. Social 28 offers convenient access to your classes, campus resources, social spots, and restaurants in downtown Gainesville.

The contest winner was announced May 25th, 2015. Her winnings include 1 fully furnished bedroom and access to a fully furnished common area in a 4 bedroom apartment at Social 28 for the 2015-2016 school year. Rent will include a standard utility allowance toward cable, internet, and electricity.

Congratulations from the Swamp Rentals team and good luck next semester!
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