My Gainesville apartments are not within walking distance from campus, what are my options for getting to class?

So your Gainesville apartments aren't within walking distance of UF campus? It's a good thing that you live in a city that has many options for getting to school, even if walking is out of the question! A lot of students opt for Gainesville apartments near UF because of the convenience factor. Think about just rolling out of bed 5 minutes before class and not having to worry about making it on time! That is definitely a plus and many people think these are the best apartments to live in. However, many students do not live near campus, for financial, work or family reasons. For others it may simply be a matter of preference. Everyone is different and has unique wants and needs when it comes to apartments in Gainesville. Finding one that fits your lifestyle and budget is key. Check out our UF cost of living guide which will help you with everything from transportation to entertainment.

One obvious option that many people utilize when living in Gainesville apartments that are off-campus is to use a car. There are parking passes that can be purchased through the UF traffic department so you will be legal when parking on campus. Whether you're bringing your car from home or you need to buy one, driving to campus is one option that many people choose. It is helpful to have a vehicle so you can get from place to place whenever you choose. It's one of the most convenient and fast options. If you don't have a car, you can always purchase one from one of the many car dealers in town. Be sure to look at a website like for some of the best deals in the area. One drawback to driving a car to campus from Gainesville apartments is that parking at UF can sometimes be hard to find. There are so many students, faculty and staff on campus which means there are also a lot of vehicles. You may also get into traffic and be late to class, which is a definite drawback.

If you don't have a car and don't feel like buying one, you can always meet a friend that lives near your Gainesville apartments and ask if you can carpool. They may be nice enough to give you a lift to school each day if you're willing to throw in a little money each week for gas. You may want to offer to help with oil changes and minor repairs as well. Even if you have a car, finding a carpool buddy will save you a lot of money in the long run. You could switch off each day or week and save tons on paying for gas. One downside would be that you cannot always depend upon one person to be all of your transportation needs. They have a life too, and may be sick one day or have a prior engagement. You won't want to worry about depending on someone when it is something as important as getting to school on time.

If you don't want to worry about driving any vehicles from your Gainesville apartments, there is a very convenient public transportation option that many UF students take advantage of. The RTS is the bus service that runs all throughout Gainesville. There are many stops in all different areas of the city. Their website is very helpful and will help you plan your trip from your Gainesville apartments to your classes on UF campus accordingly. Many bus routes are located on or near community property, so walking to the stop takes a matter of minutes, even seconds! One drawback is that buses typically take longer to get to campus because of all of the stops. Traffic is also an issue. One plus is the cost: It is free for UF students who show their Gator 1 card.

The healthiest mode of transportation you could choose is to buy a bicycle and ride to school. This will help give you some exercise as well as help the environment. Bikes are also very easy to store and park. Bike racks are numerous around campus and Gainesville apartments alike. The downside is that you will need to leave earlier to give yourself time to get to campus. Also, if you're out of shape, you may want to think about practicing or getting back into shape before choosing a bike to be your only mode of transportation. 

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