Do Gainesville apartments come furnished? Will I be able to bring furniture up with me from home?

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The Courtyards
The Courtyards apartment community offers furnished places.

This depends on the Gainesville apartments you look at. Many student apartment living options in Gainesville will offer furnished units. This is in part to reduce the stress and strain of students moving from one place to another at the beginning and end of semesters, all at the same time. With less furniture to move, moving is much less stressful. Generally these pre-furnished apartments will only include living room and kitchen furniture, such as couches, love seats, coffee tables, kitchen tables, chairs, stools, TV stands, or other kinds of furniture. Bedrooms will often come unfurnished, giving students the freedom to bring up some of their own stuff. Some units do come unfurnished, and give student residents the opportunity to set up their apartments just as they like, with all of their own stuff.

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