Do Gainesville apartments have all-inclusive leases? Are utilities like electricity, water, and cable covered by the cost of rent?

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That really depends on which Gainesville apartments you are talking about. While some apartments do include utilities with the cost of rent, there are many that do not or only partially cover these expenses. Some apartment units might cover utilities, but charge fees for exceeding certain quotes regarding electricity or water usage. Others might cover water and trash removal, but charge for electricity consumption. Some cover no utilities, except maybe trash removal, and charge based on what you consume. Sometimes this is preferred, because these same places will often charge lower rent without the utilities thrown in. Some Gainesville apartments will include basic cable channels along with rent, but some may charge extra for this. Many of these places will offer premium channels or satellite television at an extra cost. Some Gainesville apartments even include movie channels like HBO for free, with the rent!

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