How far is Tallahassee from Gainesville? Can I drive there?

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The fierce rivalry of the University of Florida and the Florida State University is one of the most well known rivals throughout college history. Often times, many of your fellow students from the University of Florida will contemplate taking a trip to their rivalry city of Tallahassee. Whether this be for a fun competition or to merely visit a collegiate friend, you can almost guarantee that you will take a trip to the capitol city at least once in your college life. From the apartments in Gainesville to the campus of Florida State University, you can expect a two and a half hour drive. While this may seem to be a far drive at first glance, the drive is fairly easy and the time passes by quickly! The route is mostly a straight way down Interstate 75 to interstate 10. There are several gas stations and mom and pop stops on the way in the event that you need to fill up your car or stop in to subside a hunger craving. However, be weary of speed traps and cops quietly nesting in dark areas of roadways and smaller towns!

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