I want to live alone - What are the best one bedroom apartments in Gainesville?

Whether you're a young professional, someone with a little extra cash on hand or someone that likes the quiet nature of living alone, there are some great options available in Gainesville for you. To view the apartments go to the easy guide at SwampRental's Apartments Page.

Once you're on the apartment page, scroll down to find "Number of rooms" and make that number scale go from 0 to 1. Obviously there aren't zero bedroom apartments so the only choices that come up are one bedroom (1 BR) units. From there, set your price maximums (1 BR units tend to be more expensive) and customize other options. Make sure the apartment community you're looking at is in a good location, you like the looks of the place and so on.

When you make a choice, give that apartment management company a call. You can find their number when you click the apartment that shows up in the filter. One bedroom apartments are a hot commodity in some areas so get there and sign a lease early.

How awesome are one bedroom apartments? They are amazing if you like the independent nature of living alone. If you are tired of living with roommates that always seem to leave the toilet seat up and their hands out of your chips (hopefully not in that order) then living alone is your best bet. Living alone also means you may pay more for utilities but at least you aren't blaming someone else for taking 30 minute long showers!

Gainesville caters to the typical college student. That means one bedroom units aren't the priority of most apartment communities here. Most apartments only offer 3-4 bedrooms and want an easy fill-in process. That's why one bedroom apartments are more expensive.

How much more expensive will that be? Up to double or triple the price. If you're willing to pay the premium and you are ready to make that leap to complete adult living then use the SwampRental Apartment Guide to get started.

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