What is the optimal number of apartments that I should tour before signing a lease in Gainesville?

Welcome to Gainesville!

Thanks for using Swamp Rentals to find your apartment. To answer your question, there is no magic number of tours you should take. We've seen people only tour one apartment, fall in love with it, and sign a lease within 30 minutes. We've also seen people search all over Gainesville and touring 10+ properties to find the one. What is important, is that you find a place that you can call home.
Here is our advice for touring student housing apartments in Gainesville: 

Create a List 

Writing down your apartment must-haves is a great way to narrow down your options and tour properties you're actually interested in. Are amenities, floor plans, or whether a place is pet-friendly important to you?

Filter Your Search 

Once you have pinpointed your desired characteristics, use our search tools to narrow down your options for Gainesville rentals. Here you can balance your budget with factors like location, lease style and more.

Get to Know Your Options  

Take a thorough look though the apartment listings for more information on the property, up-to-date photos and the current specials they are offering. This can help to answer the questions you may have about different properties and allow you to get a sense of each space. 

Explore the Neighborhood 

If you don't have a specific area in mind, check out neighborhood guideto get to know everywhere from Sorority Row to West Gainesville. This will help you get a feel for the different apartment communities and gauge whether they make your list of tours.

Pick Your Properties

After researching through Swamp Rentals, write down the properties that fit your criteria, take note of what you liked about them and rank them according to your interest: this is your list of apartments to tour.

Schedule Tours

At this point, you should be well prepared for your apartment hunt and now can confidently schedule your tours. 

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