What do I do if I have a maintenance problem at my Gainesville apartment?

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Get maintenance requests taken care of so you can go back to enjoying your apartment.

Having issues with your apartment is the last thing a busy renter needs. You may not have the time or know-how to deal with a broken appliance or bug problem. 

Make the issue known 

The biggest tip to remember when having a maintenance problem at your apartment is to make sure you communicate. Let your apartment complex or apartment manager know about the problem as soon as you can. Most of the time this is done through an online portal but often you can call to make a request as well. If the issue is an emergency most places have a hotline to contact for immediate assistance.

Explain what is going on 

While the process for contacting maintenance varies apartment to apartment, normally you will have to provide a brief description of the issue, determine whether the issue is urgent, give a timeframe for maintenance to come and sometimes attach pictures showing the problem. Be up front and clear in your description so the maintenance can get the best idea of how to remedy the issue. For example, if you are making a request about roaches in your apartment, try to include the size and color of the roach, how many you've seen and in what rooms and when you first noticed them.

Stay on top of it 

Another tip is to be persistent with your request. Apartment communities usually are dealing with a long list of maintenance requests so make sure that you convey the importance of your issue and follow up on your initial request if necessary.

Get the assistance you need

Your safety and well-being should be the number one priority of the apartment that you're living in, so don't be afraid to make a request. Remember, you're the one paying to live there!    

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