I love Gator game days. Are there any apartments in Gainesville with a place to tailgate?

Gainesville is home to Florida football, one of the many benefits of attending the University of Florida or living in a town like this one. With football being as big of a pastime as it is, it's no wonder that it comes into play when residents are choosing where they are going to live in their new home. Activities like tailgating are usually more fun when you can get a large group together, enjoy the beautiful Florida weather, and have a good time without having to worry about anyone drinking and driving. So a common community amenity for apartments in Gainesville are picnic areas, community BBQ grills, outdoor kitchens, pools, clubhouses, etc. All places where residents can congregate and watch the game together. You can find a great apartment in Gainesville with awesome tailgating amenities in a flash!

Here's how you get started. Head to SwampRentals.com and use our easy apartment search guide. The SwampRentals.com search tool uses over 300 different search criteria that residents frequently desire in order to help you minimize the number of options for communities in Gainesville that you need to investigate for your new home. Using our easy apartment search guide you can choose your different preferences such as: rental rates, number of bedrooms, if it's pet-friendly, and if offers amenities great for tailgating. Head to our SwampRentals.com homepage, find where it says “Find Your Apartment” and click on that link. Our easy apartment search guide will now display on your screen. Look on the left to where it says “Community Features” and you'll see the different options. As mentioned previously, some common tailgate amenities are “Picnic Area”, “Club House”, and “Outdoor Kitchen”. Then click on the circle under “Yes” next to the amenities you'd like in your apartment in Gainesville. At this time, you can also choose any other amenities or features you'd want in your new apartment. Examples of other amenities you can also select are “Movie Theatre” under “Apartment Extras” or choose either “Swimming Pool” or “Resort-Style Pool” under “Sports & Fitness”.

Once you've finished choosing all of the unit and community amenities you'd like for your new residence SwampRentals.com will provide you with all of the options of apartments in Gainesville that have what you have specified in the easy apartment search guide. Review the options that are available and choose the apartment or apartments in Gainesville that you think are the most like the comfortable, fun atmosphere you want. Other suggestions you may want to consider are: location of the community, what they offer, and ask about their prices by individual or joint lease. After you've studied your options, choose one or in some cases, a couple choices, and contact a leasing agent, find out if they offer any specials, schedule a tour, and then pick your choice for your new apartment in Gainesville.

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