Where is a great, unique place to eat in Gainesville?

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College Park Midtown
College Park is close to lots of different restaurants.

The historic and beautiful city of Gainesville is surrounded with different types of bars and restaurants that will surely increase your appetite. Just near the University of Florida campus alone, there are dozens of places to sit in and enjoy a great meal at! The area near Gainesville apartments, have attracted numerous new eateries to the city! If you are looking for a unique hot spot to visit, try stopping by the Reggae Shack Café. If you are local to the Gainesville area, you are certain to have heard this commercial on the radio! The shack is located right on University way. Here, they serve unique Jamaican and vegetarian food. If you are looking for an amazing burger, look no further Relish! Relish is also located near University Avenue, which means this could very well be walking distance from your new living unit. Relish serves every kind of delicious burger from vegetarian to triple patty burgers! Over on 39th avenue is the Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant. This eatery serves very general amounts of food on your plate for a fantastic price! Mariachi bands are often playing throughout your dinner to enhance the themed diner! If you are looking for a restaurant near your community, feel free to use our map to see where your living area is in comparison to the location of the restaurants!

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