Gainesville Campus Bus routes and City routes

Throughout the Gainesville area there are 36 bus routes provided by RTS , the Regional Transportation System. There are 9 UF campus bus routes and 27 off campus bus routes available near most apartments.

Check out the website for full details on the RTS Bus schedules.

Before you take the bus remember:

    Riding the bus is free with a Gator1 ID. For non-UF students and for seniors, the fare is $.50, and the regular adult fare is $1. Make sure to bring the exact amount you’ll need.
    Most buses run every 15 minutes during normal weekdays.
    All buses are wheelchair accessible.
    Bikes can be mounted to the front of all buses to accommodate all bikers.
    Gainesville’s RTS now provides a great GPS tracking service so you can time your bus perfectly.

At we have divided Gainesville into seven different areas based on our Neighborhood Apartment Guide Check out the guide, for detailed information on the areas. Many of our apartments are located on or near campus bus routes as well as city routes and will take you in and around your area. Several bus stops are located right outside your apartment, making it quick and easy to hop on the bus and get to campus or wherever you’re headed.

Neigborhood Guides and Bus Routes

Archer Road

Archer Road, is one of the main roads bordering the UF campus. Many students who live just south of campus ride their bike or simply walk across the street. Archer Road is a very popular place for students to live making the bus system very efficient moving to and from campus. Routes in this area to possibly use include the 1, 9, 12, 22, 34, 35, 36, 38, 75

Here are the apartment complexes on or near Archer Road and along the bus routes:

University Commons Towne Parc Lofts Oasis Country Village University Club The Bartram Campus Lodge Lexington Crossing Oxford Manor The Laurels The Polos Gainesville Place Phoenix Villas Hidden Village The Enclave GreenLeaf Casablanca West Spanish Trace Stoneridge

Downtown Gainesville

Downtown Gainesville is along University Avenue, also bordering the UF campus. Most students ride bikes or walk. Located in this area is the Rosa Parks Downtown Station where you can generally find a direct bus route to most places you’d need to go. Routes 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 15, 17, 24, 43 all stop downtown.

Here are the apartment complexes Downtown Gainesville along the bus routes:

Jefferson 2nd Ave Arlington Square


Midtown is considered right across from the main UF campus on University Avenue. A number of buses service only the UF campus (like the 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 125, 126) and other city routes have stops on or near campus (1, 8, 13, 16, 17, 29, 34. 43 and more). Popular routes include the 5, which runs east and west on University from the mall to downtown and the 8, which runs up and down 13th Street.

Here are the apartment complexes in Midtown near the bus routes:

Upper Westside Looking Glass Nantucket Walk University House College Manor College Park

Northwest Gainesville

Most people heading to UF or Santa Fe College would likely take a car or bike to school. However, RTS does serve the area with bus routes. Specifically, the 10 and 43 run through Northwest Gainesville from SFC to UF. Other routes are the 6, 8, 15, 29.

Here are the apartment complexes in Northwest Gainesville near the bus routes:

Legacy at Fort Clarke Huntington Lakes Lake Crossing Hunters Crossing North Pointe Villas Madison Pointe Hidden Lake Cobblestone 4 Marta Apartments OakGate Crossing at Santa Fe

UF Sorority Row and South Gainesville

UF Sorority Row and South Gainesville is very close to campus allowing most students either a walk across 13th Street, or a short ride on 13th Street to the UF campus. Buses that service this area are the 43, 13, 17, 16, and in some places, the 29.

Here are the apartment complexes near UF Sorority Row and South Gainesville along the bus routes:

Sun Bay Apartments Royal Village Sun Key & Sun Harbor Bivens Cove Oakbrook Walk Boardwalk The Landings Frederick Gardens Arbor Park Tivoli

West Gainesville

In West Gainesville, many students ride their bike or the bus (or both) to campus, but some have a car or scooter, depending where they live. Bus routes that service this area include the 20, 21, 22, 5 and 75.

Here are the apartment complexes in West Gainesville the bus routes:

The Estates
Lakewood Villas
Spyglass Apartments
Canopy Woodland Villas The District on 62nd Plaza Royale Museum Walk Villas of Mill Run The Gardens Holly Heights Pinetree Gardens