I'm having a hard time deciding on whether I want to live alone or with roommates. What should I do?

This can be a very difficult decision and there are pros and cons to both living arrangements. No matter what, Swamp Rentals will help provide you with the tools to find apartments in Gainesville that meet your specific interests and needs.

Living alone gives you the privacy and freedom to do whatever you want, wherever you want. Your apartment should be your escape – a place where you can just relax and be yourself. A common problem among roommates is the issue of sharing appliances, or the bathroom, but when you live in a one-bedroom apartment you own everything and can avoid these types of conflicts. Also, many people have different study habits, sleep schedules and levels of cleanliness. No matter how hard we try, issues are bound to come up when you are sharing a space with another human being. If you ultimately decide to live with other people, it's important to have open communication with your roommates as well as the ability to compromise. A final benefit to not having roommates is the ease of pet ownership; some people are allergic to animals and may be afraid of the potential furniture or carpet damage.

While there are benefits to living on your own, sharing an apartment with roommates can be a great experience that helps you learn how to deal with different situations and results in new friendships. Single-bedroom apartments come with a higher cost, so if you are looking for a cheaper deal then I would suggest living with roommates. Depending on your personality, living alone may get lonely at times. Having other people around can be reassuring and is very convenient if you need a support system during hard times. While most people think that living alone would inhibit you from having a social life, most Gainesville apartments provide residents with opportunities to meet other people through community pool parties and special breakfasts held during exam week.

Not sure who to live with but afraid of getting set up with “random” roommates? Many apartment communities provide roommate-matching services, free of charge. These services help pair you with other people who have similar interests and lifestyles. Sit down and evaluate exactly what you're looking for in a roommate. Also, remember to be honest when filling out the form. Do you usually go to bed early or do you like to go out with friends and come home late? Do you keep up with washing the dishes or do you tend to get messy during exam week? Living with another person is a big commitment, and you need to treat it like one!

Speaking from personal experience, living with your best friends can go either one of two ways. Sharing closets and being able to easily make plans for Friday night is fun, but being around someone 24/7 can expose you to little quirks and pet peeves you may not have noticed before. Communication is KEY to resolving any current or potential roommate problems. A good practice is to reach an agreement from the very beginning and to establish shared duties and responsibilities.

After considering all of these different factors and reaching a decision, you can use the Swamp Rentals website to help find apartments in Gainesville that are compatible with your desired features.

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