What are some fool-proof ways to carve pumpkins in Gainesville apartments?

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The Row offers its residents leasing options with the addition of a patio or balcony, perfect for anyone looking to display a newly carved Fall pumpkin in Gainesville apartments!

When the weather gets chillier and pumpkins are more accessible to the public, it's only necessary that pumpkin carving activities follow. Whether it's your first time carving a pumpkin or your 10th, the rules for pumpkin carving stay the same. You need a fresh pumpkin, a decently sharp carving knife, the right environment for carving a pumpkin, and a place to display the pumpkin after you are finished carving your Gainesville apartment masterpiece.

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin Near Gainesville Apartments

One of the most entertaining ways to get a pumpkin for carving is to visit a pumpkin patch or local farm. One of the reasons to go this route instead of the traditional grocery store route is because your pumpkin will be more unique and you can support a local vendor or small business without having to travel far from your apartment in Gainesville.

A few great local choices for finding obscurely-shaped and locally sourced pumpkins in Gainesville are Coon Hollo Farm and Crossroads Farm and Apiary. At both these places, you can find more than just pumpkins during the Fall weather. Coon Hollo Farm hosts events like visiting farm animals, going through corn mazes, and pony rides during their Fall festival. Crossroads Farm has a gift shop that allows for late-winter berry picking along with selling pumpkins to carve.

Gathering the Correct Carving Tools 

It's very important to have the correct knife for carving a pumpkin to avoid serious injury and ruining your pumpkin to the point of having to completely redo your design. To avoid wasting time and money (from a hospital bill), I highly recommend using a paring knife or a serrated knife with a spiky edge to cut through the thick flesh of the pumpkin. Another great tool is a large serving spoon to clean up the edges and scoop out the guts of the pumpkin.

If you check in your Gainesville apartment dishwasher, you might already have some of these tools!

Carve Your Pumpkins in Gainesville Apartments with Friends

Carving pumpkins is only entertaining when you do it with and alongside others. Whether it's family members, friends, people you met in student apartments, or a roommate through roommate matching at apartments in Gainesville, there's always someone available to spend time with you and carve pumpkins. As a bonus, you could even invite a date or significant other for a spooky pumpkin-carving date night.

Pick the Perfect Place to Display Your Pumpkin

One thing I enjoy the most about pumpkin carving is seeing everyone's designs and carving skills when they put the pumpkins outside. You don't want to keep the pumpkin inside for too long as it can attract bugs and have a strong odor when it begins to rot. Instead, putting your newly carved pumpkin on a Gainesville apartment patio or balcony could help you avoid the 

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