I just enrolled in UF, but I'm not sure how long I'll stay in town. Are there any short term leases for Gainesville apartments?

Short Term Leases in Gainesville Apartments

Signing a short term lease at apartments in Gainesville can offer many benefits. Gainesville is a perfect place to find short term leases since it is a college town and many housing areas are specifically designed with students in mind. Most Gainesville apartments have a limit for how many short term leases they are able to offer at any given time. Whether you're a student or just looking for a less permanent living arrangement, you'll be able to find Gainesville apartments with short-term leasesthat offer impressive bundles and amenities for a variety of budgets.

Depending on what time of the year you are looking, it can be challenging to find a short term lease. In busy moving months such as August, for example, many apartments will sell out of their available short term leases fast. If you are planning to sign a short term lease, you will have to do some hunting around for a Gainesville property that has the option available.

What is a short-term lease?

A short-term lease generally refers to a lease that is shorter in duration than the standard 12-month lease that is renewed on an annual basis. 12-month leases, for example, often come with additional fees and consequences if terminated early, whereas short-term leases can end much sooner without fees. A short-term lease can be as short as month-to-month, meaning that you are only obligated to stay for one month and can move out if you choose not to renew. To determine if a short-term lease is right for you, consider your answers to questions like:

  • Am I certain I want to remain in Gainesville for at least a year?
  • How long is my school program or job appointment in Gainesville?
  • Do I know exactly what I am looking for in Gainesville apartments, or do I need a "test run" of rental living first?
  • Do I prefer stability in my living arrangements, or would I be comfortable with some uncertainty?
  • Can I afford to break a 12-month standard lease?
  • Can I afford to pay slightly higher rent for short-term lease?

What are the benefits of a short-term lease?

Short-term leases can be a great fit for residents who need flexibility, including the option to move out or to make the arrangement more permanent! Benefits for short term leases include:

  • The flexibility of moving out: Do you need one more class before you graduate? Are you a professional with a temporary job assignment? Rather than remaining in the area longer than you intended or dealing with the hassle of finding someone to take over your lease, short term leases will allow you to finish up and move on when you're ready.
  • Test drive before you settle: From Archer Road to Midtown, Gainesville is a wonderful place to live. There truly is something for everyone in the ways of activities, culture, nightlife, recreation and more. It is unique in the fact that it has multiple areas that all boast unique qualities. Maybe you are staying in the area longer than a year, but aren't sure what area of town you'd like to settle down in. This is also when a short term lease could come in handy. Rather than signing a year lease and realizing two months in that you can't stand your neighbors, a short term lease lets you "test drive" your apartments in Gainesville before deciding if you want to stay there or not. Be sure to do some research on Gainesville life to see which area would best fit your lifestyle.
  • Easy conversion to long-term lease: If you decide that you're going to continue your education or take a more permanent position at your job, your apartment office can easily make the transition from short term lease into long term.

Why does short term cost more?

The process of transitioning an apartment from renter A to renter B, also called turnover, takes time and money, something most renters don't know or think about. From a property manager's standpoint, they have to advertise, rent and prepare for the next tenant (paint, clean, replace carpet, etc. etc.) anytime a renter leaves. This is why most communities and landlords ask for at least a 12-month lease. Not because they want to charge you more, it just costs them more to have you as a tenant.

We know that sometimes short-term leases are unavoidable and some communities will accommodate you. Think of it the same way you would an upgraded amenity like granite countertops or stainless steel appliances. You are paying a little more for a premium, but you get the flexibility of not having to commit long-term.

This article was adapted and improved from a previous post 7/20/2016.

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