So I’m new to Florida and have heard crazy stories about the weather; what can I expect while living in Gainesville apartments?

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Welcome to The Swamp! Gainesville doesn't get that nickname by coincidence; many days throughout the year, specifically the summer, can be compared to living right next to a hot, humid marshland. On the flip side, the winters are fairly mild and beautiful spring days are plentiful. For many of you escaping the harsh winters of the north, this could be a welcoming feeling. However, if this is your first time living in Gainesville apartments and you're not used to living in such a humid climate, you'll want to know the ins and outs of the weather and what to expect during each season.

Enjoying spring in Gainesville apartments

Apartments in Gainesville are located in what is defined as a humid subtropical climate. Due to the city being inland of Florida, this area experiences quite the range of temperature fluctuation. Spring is typically a very enjoyable season in Gainesville, typically lasting anywhere from mid-February through early April. The precipitation and humidity is usually low this time of year. Beautiful azaleas can be seen blooming throughout the city. This is a great season to grab your bike and head to one of many nature trails or parks. You can even enjoy your afternoons and evenings on your patio or balcony after a long day of work or school.

Getting through summer in apartments in Gainesville

Gainesville apartments are definitely in a prime location to enjoy spring, but here's where the tough part comes in: after spring, there's always summer. I'm not going to lie, summer in Florida can be brutal, especially if you're not used to humidity or heat. The hot season typically lasts from May to September, although ANY season is subject to a freak heat wave. That's just a part of living in the Sunshine State! You'll want to make sure that your air conditioning is top-notch during these months. Many communities also offer a nice, sparkling pool for you to cool off in. If you attend an early season Gator football game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, you will soon realize how it got its nickname, The Swamp! Afternoon thunderstorms are also the norm during the summer, which can be very difficult when trying to commute to work or school. Make sure you always pack an umbrella! You will also need to keep an eye out for hurricane season, which begins in June and ends at the end of November. These storms can range in severity, so be sure to have an emergency plan if one is threatening to make landfall in your area.

Getting a break during the fall in Gainesville apartments

Experiencing fall while living in apartments in Gainesville can be almost comparable to the spring season. Humidity is low, the temperature is mild and the sun likes to shine. If you have a dog, this is the perfect season to take your furry friend on long walks. While many northern states begin to experience fall beginning as early as September, Gainesville typically doesn't see its effects until later in November, early in December. There are a few species of trees whose leaves will change colors, although they are not as plentiful as states up north. The temperature during that season will begin to dip; many locals will joke that Gainesville goes straight from summer to winter!

Expect a mild winter in Gainesville apartments

The winter months can vary from year to year while living in Gainesville apartments. Some years, you may find yourself wearing shorts and a tank top on Christmas Day! The next year, you may be fighting off a freeze warning and bundling up in those sweaters you shoved into the back of your closet. The weather in Florida is quite unpredictable at times. While snow is very rare in Gainesville, it has happened before. But if you're dreaming of the white Christmas you see in all of the holiday ads, you may want to take a mini-vacation a little further north to experience it!

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