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    Find 3 Bedroom Apartments in Gainesville, FL

    3 Bedrooms

    Whether you need a bit of extra space or want to find a few roommates to lower costs, three bedroom apartments near Gainesville are popular, affordable and come with many different layout and rental options. Since Gainesville is a college town and has a huge student population, it is common to find 3 bedroom apartments with amenity packages that range from luxury to affordable. Additionally, these units can be rented by the apartment or by individual bedrooms depending on your preference. When moving into a more expansive unit, there are a few things to consider regarding roommates, use of space and unit layouts.

    Living with Roommates in Three Bedroom Apartments

    The apartment roommates you live with may either be friends you already know or new people that can be found through roommate matching. Living with friends can seem easy and carefree, but you may learn some new things when sharing a living space with even the best of friends. For this reason, it is important to have initial discussions with both types of roommates before moving into a 3 bedroom apartment. Below are some topics that would be beneficial to bring up prior to moving into three bedroom apartments near Gainesville:

    • Chores: How will responsibility be divided for chores such as the trash, dishes and shared space clean-up? This would be a good time to identify strengths and weaknesses. For example, one roommate may prefer to vacuum while the others can run the dishwasher or take out the trash. Apartments with valet trash may be a nice perk to living with several roommates.
    • Noise: Is everyone in the 3 bedroom a student who will be studying and attending classes? If not, you may want to consider finding roommates with similar schedules and lifestyles. Since this is not always an option, it is even more important to have a conversation about sleep schedules, weekdays and any other considerations, like unusual work hours.
    • Visitors: Significant others and frequent visitors can be a source of friction among roommates who disagree on this point. If you identify an issue early on, it is much easier to come up with a compromise and avoid any serious arguments once you've already moved in.

    How to Make the Most of Three Bedroom Apartments in Gainesville

    Residents who don't plan to have roommates in have a wide range of options for the use of space in three bedroom Gainesville apartments. If you want to provide a comfortable space for family members and friends when they come to visit, adding a guest room is one way to be a great host. For tips on decorating your guest room, read through this article on turning your guest bedroom into a retreat.

    Residents with hobbies like sewing, painting and other crafts can transform additional bedrooms into organized work areas with storage, shelving and furniture that maximize creativity. Having a separate space to work on craft projects can lead to increase productivity due to fewer distractions and more space to work. For this reason, extra bedrooms are also perfect for study or office space to help you focus and complete your work in a quiet, private area.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What appliances are included in 3 bedroom apartments?

    In many 3 bedroom Gainesville apartments, the kitchen will come fully equipped with a refrigerator, oven with range, dishwasher, and microwave. Washers and dryers are often included as well so be sure to ask the leasing team if this is included.

    How many bathrooms are included in 3 bedroom apartments?

    Most 3 bedroom apartments in Gainesville include a bathroom dedicated to the master bedroom as well as a second bathroom for the other 2 bedrooms to share, resulting in a 3/2 floorplan. You can find 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom floor plans but these are more commonly found in apartment homes geared towards students.

    How many people can live in a 3 bedroom apartment?

    For student housing in Gainesville, the rule is one occupant per bedroom. Conventional properties offer more flexibility and you can expect to accommodate up to 6 people, which makes this floorplan perfect for families.

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